Starlyss is the talent behind ToriStar Media.  Known for her vibrant symmetrical approach to design, Starlyss has developed a reputation for delivering effective, clean visual solutions for her clients.

Starlyss began her early career creating oversized charcoal portraiture.  Completing works for Xernona Clayton and for her private collection – Tina Turner and Janet Jackson.  Starlyss’ beginnings in print and graphic design exposed her to the importance composition and form.

One of her greatest opportunities was to work with Chef Milton Stephens as the Art Director for his online retail store The Pound Cake Company. It was at The Pound Cake Company that her fascination with typography and photography was cultivated and where she started to understand the emotional influence of graphic design.  Starlyss is responsible for the advertising of all  The Pound Cake Company's Collections, and the design of all the printed material that holds The Pound Cake Company’s name, including billboards, print advertising, digital, experiential, trade shows and product events.

While exploring her creative interests at the Showcase School of Photography, Starlyss partnered with M. Toris Stephens to form ToriStar Media.  This team was formed from their collaboration with The Pound Cake Company and  decided that they could repeat this wonderful creation for other start-up business and those existing businesses needing a brand refresh.

Starlyss is a graduate of Fort Valley State University where she received her B. A. in Commercial Design.  She has completed Informational Technology courses focused on visual communication at Clayton State College and Adobe Software related courses at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  She has also completed photography courses at the Showcase school in Atlanta, GA.  She is a member of AIGA of Atlanta.  You’ll find Starlyss traveling with her husband for product events and traveling for pleasure in art districts along the East Coast.