Mother's Day Fundraising Gifts for Limestone Creek Elementary, Jupiter FL - Designed by Starlyss Mcslade

Mother's Day Fundraising Gifts for Limestone Creek Elementary, Jupiter FL - Designed by Starlyss Mcslade

Smelly pencils, block chocolates, cold popcorn, pizza-pizza, trash bags, somebodies bed sheets, houseplants, and the not-fresh-now doughnuts.  We have all seen many fundraising products used to support your local organizations, community events and schools.  Then there are your notorious cupcakes, fruitcakes and cookie man stands in front of the grocer, church and auto-supply stores that you frequent.  Who made these? Where did they make them? Ok, what is it for? ...and then you feel better for just supporting the cause, whether you decide to bite it or not.  Just maybe, just maybe you can support a fundraising cause, enjoy the product, keep a long lasting memory and look forward to it again and again, year after year.  

Over the past 9-10 months, in coordination with ToriStar Media and The Pound Cake Company, I have been designing print collateral and co-developing a turn-key fundraising program for the world's best pound cake.  I have found that most schools, organizations and community events want to bring light to the causes they support (no different than an artist or photographer being cited for their work).  Raising funds, awareness and a support circle can be a difficult task without the right tools.  We set out to develop a fundraising program to accomplish all of this using the KEEPSAKE gift base of, we felt this to be a great idea.  A gourmet gift from a reputable company that is beautifully packaged and designed for the cause.  The supporter gains a true feeling of satisfaction and will be able to have a beautiful memory to look forward when this fundraising event comes around next year.  A custom fundraising program became our solution.

Challenged with creating a custom gift for a great cause to arrive just in time for Mother's Day, I now had a creative problem to solve for the Limestone Creek Elementary PTO (LCE-PTO) in Jupiter, Florida.  "Some of our students do not have a Mom in their life but instead may have a Mother figure. A Mother's Day gift designed for Someone Special would resonate more...", Christine Migoya - PTO President.

LCE's school colors , their suggested word mark and laurel reefs design opened the discussion for what was to become their first custom gift fundraiser for Mother's Day.  The initial design was found to be more formal/regal than festive/celebratory.  Our determination for simplicity in creating a unisex gift needed to balance with the main cause and that was selling gourmet pound cakes to everyone, raising money for LCE. A beautifully blue colored graphic flower, the "Someone Special" word mark encompassed in with a sleek package design - CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVED!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds with creating NEW custom fundraising gifts with The Pound Cake Company and the schools, organizations and communities they support!